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January 26,2006

Dear FreeCycle Action Sports Team,

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic show today. The teachers and students were so impressed with your team. The kids are still talking about “how cool you guys are”. The Principal of our school said it was “the best assembly he has seen”. I would highly recommend you to any school looking to hold a fun and educational assembly. You were professional, but when it was time to entertain you guys became one of the kids. I look forward to working with you again.Spectors 2

Hampton Bays Elementary School

PTA President ,Carly Spezzacatena


Hey dudes, Who’s the captain of your team? Because James Kennedy I think his name is and your captain came to LaGrange Middle School for an assembly and I just wanted to contact you guys because that was some awesome stuff!

01/ 27/2005

HI my name Charlie I’ve been riding for about 2 years now I’m still a little sloppy I just like riding with my friends, but I want to get serious about it I was just wondering what I would have to do to join this group if you could just e mail me back thanks.

(a) Ride everyday and practice hard.


Hello, I am Eric Cushing Jr. from Litchfield Middle School and you came to my school today, I want you to know you guys were AWESOME and James did some pretty cool stuff on his bike, and when you jumped over seven teachers you were suppose to hit the last 1. She is evil anyways this is Eric Cushing and I appreciate you coming “I am the one who has the sling on his left arm” Thanks for coming, e-mail me back please….

(a) Thank you For Having US.


Hey my name is Patrick Harden. You signed my WOODWARD hat. I’m from East Hampton Middle School, you saw us on 10/1/04. Please email back to me!


Hey Jay,

You came to my school on Thursday at Vernon School. Anyway I thought you were really good and funny.

E-mail me back

Love Christina Vaccaro

PS I think you are really cute!


Dear Jason,

Thank you for coming to the East Hampton Middle School. I thought you and James did such a good job doing those tricks. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Daniela Perez


Hey…I just wanted to say that I went to the Trenton Thunder game today and you guys showed up to do some BMX biking off of that ramp you brought and it was awesome!!! I was super impressed with all the tricks and one of the kids (from Bensalem he said) even did a special back flip for me! I was just wondering if you had any dates and times of when you guys will be performing publicly again and if you could e-mail them to me…I would really appreciate it and really love to come out and watch again. I defiantly think you guys should come back to Waterfront Park again also!

Well thanks again…and just e-mail me back at this address..


Jeff Lewis PA

Just to let you know the boys had a great time watching your show.

Thanks again

Jeff, Jeffery and Zachary


Hey how are you I am 13 years old I go to Western Wayne Middle School and we loved the show you had put on for us at the Middle School. Hope we can stay in touch and talk more. When I am not in school and doing homework.


P.S. You guys are really cute! Prize Winner 4


Hi I’m Joey from LaGrange Middle School I was the boy who asked you to jump over me but you said no. I like all of your tricks they were off the hook and remember rule #1 always wear your helmet.

P.S. Write back

Your Fan,  Joey


Hey Jay,

You guys were awesome when you came to Unadilla Valley to perform. I loved when you jumped over my teachers they were petrified well thanks for coming to our school no one half as famous as you ever comes to our school.

Later your fan,Amy Leonard

Amy Leonard


Hey I never really introduced myself but my name is Nadine-one of the girls from Tamaqua. I just wanted to let you know I checked out your website.  You should add some more pictures! Thank you for the shirt. It really made my day and I’m going to wear it tomorrow. Well, I got to run…thanks again. I hope I hear back from you!



Hey you guys came to my school the other day and I just wanted to tell you guys that your show was awesome!   You guys rock…write back your fan



Hey, this is Lauren. You guys came to my school today at St. Stan’s in Sayreville. I’m in the 8th grade and I just wanted to say that you guys were awesome. Everything was so Kool and James Kennedy was gorgeous!  Okay well thanks for coming to our school!

Lauren <3   Jason and James came to St. James this morning and were AWESOME! All the kids had a great time and loved the show. Even the teachers and the principal commented on how different and fun this show was compared to our past years of student assemblies. Thanks again for providing such great entertainment. If you ever need a reference please don't hesitate to give my name and phone number." Valerie Fritz St. James School :: Basking Ridge, NJ

Grand Finally Jump

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